About us

The idea of arranging the provision of assistance and support to people, who have lapsed and got into hard conditions of life due to different circumstances, originated in mid 1990s. Later, in 1998, an organisation named “Integration in Society” appeared. Since then, we have been engaged in this hard but, in our opinion, very important business.

The chief goal of our non-profitable organisation is to support a person who is an outcast – an ex-convict, an alcohol or drug addict. When such a person realises that he cannot cope with the burden of circumstances he faces, but wishes to get out of this situation, we offer him our services absolutely for free. However, here is one important condition to be observed – complete refusal from using alcohol or drugs and participation in our rehabilitation programmes. The ones who agree to such conditions conclude an agreement with us for a year, and we promise them an efficient and maximal assistance in search for job and housing upon expiry of the agreement. If during this period the person does not infringe the agreement and has been cultivating his abilities in accordance with our programme, he integrates into society with a probability of 90%. In view of the fact that during the years of our Centre’s operation, over 800 persons have passed our programme, it is not hard to estimate the value of our contribution to the benefit of society. 

During this period, we have created the technology that is much more efficient and cheaper than the one used by the state. While staying in our Centre, these people do not commit crimes, which is a good achievement in itself. Still, the fact that the relapse into crime after leaving the Centre is 10%, whereas generally after leaving prison it is 70%, makes our work very important and necessary. Keeping one person in prison costs to the state EUR 55 000 a year, whereas staying in the Centre costs EUR 5 000 a year.

Our work saves big money to the state; we continue doing it and are not going to stop.

We have plans regarding arrangement of an open social recreational park in the territory of the Centre, where people from neighbouring areas would arrive and where our clients would feel comfortable and in the atmosphere of people’s attention. This is an additional instrument for resocialisation of the risk group and the element of building a civil society.

Join us – we will appreciate any assistance!